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How to Take Care of Stainless Steel Appliances

Norwich Rental Home Kitchen with Stainless Steel AppliancesCurrently, many of the most stylish kitchens in Norwich rental homes feature stainless steel appliances. It doesn’t matter if those appliances belong to you or your landlord; you must take care of every appliance in your kitchen. But with regards to stainless steel finish, there are a few factors to remember to ensure that you don’t damage it. Observe a couple of simple maintenance tips to prevent having scratched, worn, or otherwise damaged stainless steel surfaces. By doing so, you can ensure that the stainless steel appliances in your rental home will stay beautiful for several years to come.

Use a Soft Cloth

One of the biggest mistakes people often make is using abrasive sponges or cleaners on their stainless steel surfaces. Stainless steel appliances contain a protective layer designed to prevent rust. But abrasive cleaners, sponges, and brushes will damage that surface, causing unsightly marks and, sooner or later, rust spots.

As an alternative, utilize a microfiber cloth and a gentle cleanser. You can make a safe cleanser yourself using dish soap or white vinegar or buy a product designed for cleaning stainless steel at the nearest store. To clean without damage, utilize your ideal cleanser and then wipe gently until the surface is clean and shining again.

Wipe with the Grain

One more fact about stainless steel that several individuals don’t recognize is that it has a grain or fine lines in the material. Rubbing or scrubbing across these lines can cause scratches and mar the protective surface. Before cleaning your stainless steel, check it closely to distinguish which direction the grain runs and then wipe gently in the same direction. If you’re unsure, consult your user manual, contact the manufacturer, or check a product website to discover which direction the grain flows on your particular appliance.

Rinse with Clean Water

Lots of cleaners, including homemade ones, can leave an unpleasant film or residue on a stainless steel surface. That’s why, once you’re done cleaning your appliance, it’s imperative to rinse the surface with clean water. Using a clean microfiber cloth, wet with clean water and wipe down the entire surface of the appliance. This will help prevent damage and result in a shiny finish.

Clean Regularly

People often make the last mistake with their stainless steel appliances by letting dirt sit for a long time before cleaning it off. For the most part, the longer you allow dirt and grime to remain on your appliance, the more challenging it will be to remove. Furthermore, as we’ve recently discussed, harsh scrubbing and cleansers will damage your appliance’s protective coating. To give the best care to your stainless steel appliance, wipe it down frequently and regularly, mostly when a wet spill, splashes, or fingerprints become visible.

Stainless steel appliances are a big investment. That is the reason it’s critical to take good care of them. By taking these basic strategies, you can easily maintain your stainless steel appliances clean and beautiful for many great years.


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