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Acclimating Your Pets to the New Normal (Again)

Small Dog Looking Wistfully Out a Window at HomeMany White River Junction residents have spent at least part of the past year working from home. Some have been working from home for even longer but are now heading back to the office. That transition can be especially challenging for your pets. After a long time together, being separated can cause your pets to endure high anxiety levels, leading to some destructive or otherwise unwanted behaviors. To help acclimate your pet to your new work routine and keep these behaviors under control, below are a couple of tips you can implement immediately and throughout the next few months.

Day Care

Perhaps you are anxious about leaving your pet home alone. Or they express signs of stress or boredom (peeing on the floor, excessive barking, spraying furniture, or chewing items). Start having someone stay with your pet for at least part of the day or take them to a playgroup. If you introduce your pet’s new caregiver before you need to go back to the office, that can go a long way toward easing the transition.

Crate Training

If you haven’t tried it lately, you must start to implement crate training for dogs. Even though it isn’t right for all dogs, others like the security of being inside a crate while you are gone. To make their stay in the crate more pleasant, you need to add a plush bed and chew toys. Just don’t forget that crate training may take some time, so begin as soon as you can and be ready for some complaining first.

Enrichment Toys

Boredom is a key factor in why pets become destructive. To save your furniture and your sanity, you might try leaving your pet with some enrichment toys while you are at work. If you give the toys to your pet only while you are gone, they may grow to associate the fun playtime with your absence and help them feel less anxious. For dogs, chew toys, puzzle toys, balls, and obstacle courses are all efficient ways to make them engaged. For cats and other pets, providing locations for them to climb, “hunt” for treats or objects, or motion-activated toys they can chase are smart ideas.

Doggy Camera

If you want to go high-tech with your pet care, you might try to get a “doggy” camera for your house. There are a couple of different types of cameras, but they all allow you to keep an eye on your pet while you are at work. Some cameras will even dispense treats and/or let you talk to your pet through a speaker. (Many of these need a strong WiFi signal and a smartphone app to use.)

Together Time

Finally, if you foresee a routine change, one of the best things you can do is continue prioritizing your time with your pet. For example, try to arrange your daily routine so that you and your pet can enjoy a walk or some playtime before you go to work, and then again as soon as you return home. This is especially vital for dogs, who need to walk with you regularly to feel calm and happy. By creating a new routine around your work routine that includes your pet, you can help ease their anxiety and encourage them to wait patiently until you finally return each evening.

Returning to working outside the home may be a challenging adjustment for both you and your pet. However, by employing these tips, you can make that transition a bit easier. Other options to ease your transition back to work might include things like living closer to your job or moving to a more pet-friendly rental home or neighborhood. If your lifestyle could use an upgrade and a new place to live, Real Property Management Beacon provides an answer. Our White River Junction property managers would be willing to assist you, and your pet finds a new comfortable place. Contact us online today!

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